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New school year gets underway

Released at: 19:51, 05/09/2015

New school year gets underway

Schools around the country hold opening ceremonies to mark the first day of the new year.

by Son Ho

On the morning of September 5, primary schools, secondary schools, and high schools around Vietnam held opening ceremonies for the new school year of 2015-2016.

Being the oldest private high school in Hanoi, the Luong The Vinh High School was full of national flags and Vietnam's colors of red and yellow. Headmaster Van Nhu Cuong said that at his age, 79, he regretted that he had not spent time when he was young learning more things than what is contained in books. “Our education system needs to be updated to make it more modern and active,” he said. “In order to succeed, students need to master social skills and life skills as well.”

Meanwhile, Nguyen Sieu Primary, Secondary and High School held their opening ceremonies at the National Convention Center, for first grade, sixth grade and tenth grade, welcoming students into their new families.

One 12th grade student said she was nervous because it was her last year in high school. “The national graduation exam is coming, and I hope that the teachers can help us,” she said.

In Ho Chi Minh City the ceremonies were also colorful and exciting. There are nearly 85,000 more students this year compared to last year, meaning many students could not attend the opening ceremony because the venues chosen could not handle such a large number.

In moutainous provinces, though travel is difficult, parents still tried to help their children have a memorable opening ceremony. Many mothers in Xuan Lung village in Lang Son province had to get up early and go by raft to take their children to the Khanh Khe Primary School.

This school year Vietnam has around 22 million students, with Hanoi having around 1.7 million and Ho Chi Minh City nearly 1.5 million. The number of teachers totals 1.24 million.

Pictures: Hong Van, Nhat Anh

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