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Northerners seek relief from heat wave

Released at: 15:05, 01/07/2015

Northerners seek relief from heat wave

As temperatures hover around the 40C mark there are smiles on the faces of those selling cold drinks, protective clothing, and air conditioners

by Son Ho

The hot weather yet again besetting Vietnam’s north has seen beverage shops in Hanoi do a roaring business from morning to night, selling iced tea, soft drinks, beer, energy drinks, juices like coconut or sugarcane, and even milk.

The “shops” are actually just small stalls with an umbrella and line the city’s streets and its parks. Their popularity lies in them simply selling something cold at the relative cheap price of around VND10,000 ($0.46).

The owner of a drink stall on Tran Nhat Tong Street said that with one kilogram of tea bought for VND60,000 to VND70,000 she can make a profit of VND400,000. She can also sell hundreds of cups of sugarcane juice for VND10,000 ($0.46) each in just one day. Her profit, she said, runs into the millions VND every day.

Besides satisfying their thirst, Hanoians are also fighting off the heat in other different ways. Items such as fully protective clothing and air conditioners have seen a boost in sales as the heat wave experienced a month ago makes an unwelcome return.

“Protective clothing is selling twice as well as normal,” said Ms. Nguyen Thi Hanh, the owner of a convenience store on Truong Chinh Street in Hanoi. “Those at around VND130,000 to VND150,000 are the best sellers, with dozens going out the door every day.”

Air conditioners, meanwhile, though of course much more expensive than a drink or clothing, are also being sold in larger numbers. According to one air conditioner installer, over the last few days he’s barely had time to rest. “We already have an air conditioner in the bedroom but want to buy another one for the living room,” said Mr. Hoang Tuan Tu, a consumer out looking at air conditioners. “The kids can’t settle down in this weather, and they cry all day.”

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