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People hospitalized after ammonia leak

Released at: 08:59, 05/01/2016

People hospitalized after ammonia leak

Truck carrying beer leaks refrigerant in Vinh Long province, with five people hospitalized and many others affected.

by Son Ho

Refrigerant gas escaped from a truck used to transport beer in the Mekong Delta’s Vinh Long province, poisoning a number of local residents.

Once realizing the gas was leaking the driver took the truck to the nearby Binh Minh Industrial Zone to fix the problem but local people were still exposed to the noxious gas, with many being hospitalized.

According to authorities the refrigerant gas includes ammonia, which is used for cooling beer. The incident occurred in Dong Binh commune of Binh Minh town.

A total of five people sought emergency treatment at hospital, while 27 reported feeling unwell but purchased medicine to counter the effects.

According to local people the gas spread out for hundred meters. “At first I thought a gas tank was leaking, so I ran out of the house and saw some people lying on the ground,” said one woman who was affected by the gas. “After that my two children and I began to vomit and felt dizzy, so we went to see the local doctor.” It was fortunate they were able to obtain the right medicine, she said, but she is still concerned about the long-term effects of being exposed to the gas.

The truck was transporting beer from Soc Trang to the Tra Noc Industrial Zone in Can Tho city. The incident has raised concerns over the health of workers at these industrial zones, as the gas is present in the truck’s refrigeration system, which they are regularly exposed to.

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