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Quang Ninh struggles with floods

Released at: 14:54, 03/08/2015

Quang Ninh struggles with floods

Many areas underwater and some cut off from the outside.

Torrential rains flooded 500 houses in the center of Uong Bi city in Quang Ninh province on August 2. Yen Thuong commune is now isolated by floodwaters, as is the Yen Tu scenic spot. Water in the spillway in Quang Trung ward broke its banks and flooded many houses, with the government ordering the shore be widened to allow the water to flow out.

Floodwaters sweep through Yen Thuong commune in Uong Bi city.

The route to the Yen Tu historic area is underwater, cutting it off from the outside.

Floods have also destroyed much of the surrounding vegetation.

Armored vehicles are being used to evacuate residents.

Downstream areas remain flooded, though waters upstream have started to recede.

Farmers relocate livestock.

The floods at least make for good fishing.

Photos: Giang Chinh

Son Ho

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