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Rights for transgender people

Released at: 13:54, 25/11/2015

Rights for transgender people

National Assembly passes amendments to Civil Law giving rights to transgender people.

by Hoang Huong

The National Assembly passed amendments to the Civil Law on November 24 that enshrine the rights of transgender people, in a move advocacy groups say paves the way for gender reassignment surgery in the country, under Article 36 and 37.

The legislation will allow those who have undergone gender reassignment to register under their new sex. The law will come into effect early in 2017, after 282 of 366 lawmakers voted in favor. According to the Standing Committee of the National Assembly the law is an attempt to meet the demands of a part of society in accordance with international practice, without countering the country’s traditions.

In a report, the National Assembly said that individuals who undergo transgender change will have the right to register under their new gender and have the personal rights associated with their new gender.

The country’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community welcomed the move, saying it offered essential new rights. A representative of the Maternal and Child Health Department under the Ministry of Health told local media previously that nearly 600 transgender people in Vietnam who underwent sex reassignment surgery have proposed having their names and identification papers changed in accordance with their reassigned gender.

Studies presented at a seminar on transgender people at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities in June last year showed that it is usually hard for young transgender people to access social and health services as well as land jobs because they do not have appropriate identification.

The amended Civil Law will take effect from January 1, 2017, with 27 chapters and 689 articles.

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