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RMIT Business Experience Day attracts nearly 1,000 students

Released at: 15:30, 10/04/2018

RMIT Business Experience Day attracts nearly 1,000 students

Photo: Hai Van

Students and parents learn more about an education with RMIT.

by My Van

The RMIT Business Experience Day course held on April 8 attracted nearly 1,000 high school students and parents.

The ten exciting “interactive classes” filled with interactive activities provided high school students with a real classroom experience at RMIT Vietnam. This is an active classroom with many activities, not a traditional classroom with teachers teaching and students writing.

Interaction classes with attractive names such as Stock Exchanges, Paradise Island, Super Heroes Team Leader, Transcontinental Business, Supply Strategist, and Global Big Boss were all filled.

Ms. Linh Chi, an 11th grade student at Phuc Loi High School, said that “the 45-minute Global Great Teacher interactive class was very useful. There were many friends from South Korea and we gained experience in teamwork.”

Understanding the concerns of parents, RMIT also held a “Career in Business” seminar to help them gain a holistic understanding of what career to choose for their children, based on their personality and strengths.

Career consultant Phoenix Ho said the most important thing is not to see what industry is "trending", because market demand changes fairly quickly. If a child is equipped with knowledge and essential skills, when the market changes, they can still find a suitable job.

Ms. Nguyen Van Anh, a parent from Hanoi, said her greatest concern is career guidance for her children. “We have spent a lot of time talking together to find out what type of job is best,” she said. "After attending Phoenix Ho's talk, I realized that technology and creativity were the strengths of my child, so we are aiming for a Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management and Logistics.”

The sharing of experts opened up new definitions for the recruiting formula. A combination of essential skills, professional networking, and market demand will be the recipe for successful recruitment.

Ms. Thu Huong, an 11th grade student at Nguyen Trai Gifted High School, said the biggest benefit is a clearer direction of her career. “I also found useful information on scholarships as well as majors at RMIT University.”

As well as the scholarship program, there was also information on the transfer and exchange program to more than 200 RMIT University partners in more than 40 countries around the world, exhibitions of startup projects from alumni, and information on more than 20 student clubs.

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