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S.M. Entertainment and UNICEF promote inclusive education

Released at: 17:23, 11/07/2016

S.M. Entertainment and UNICEF promote inclusive education

Photo: UNICEF Vietnam

South Korean entertainment company gives $450,000 to support UNICEF's Growing with Music project.

by Doanh Doanh

UNICEF and K-Pop giant S.M. Entertainment signed an MoU on July 11 agreeing to cooperate over the next three years to strengthen inclusive education in Vietnam.

The South Korean entertainment company will make a financial contribution of $450,000 to support UNICEF’s Growing with Music project.

“The partnership between UNICEF and S.M. Entertainment is representative of the relations between Vietnamese and South Korean people, which have grown stronger over the last two decades,” said Youssouf Abdel-Jelil, UNICEF Representative in Vietnam. “The financial contribution will have multiplying effects because when children are offered equal opportunities to reach their full potential in school, families are supportive and caring, communities are thriving, and countries are growing.”

The partnership is built on shared values to uphold children’s rights and will emphasize the positive impact of music on the development of life skills and values for children, starting from early childhood.

“We are happy to support music education for children in Vietnam,” said Mr. Kim Young Min, CEO of S.M. Entertainment. “We hope that this program provides opportunities for children in Vietnam to receive an organized music education, find their talent, and grow their ability to express their talent.”

Growing with Music is a three-year project that involves well-known musical institutions as well as recognized artists and promotes the notion that early childhood education and other levels of education with music can develop highly talented students.

The project will also include capacity development of managers/teachers and parents both at the national and sub-national level to ensure that the development of music programs and events in schools will be strengthened while culturally sensitive and traditional musical expression within the formal school setting and linked with music education at all levels will be promoted.

“Next year will be the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and South Korea,” said Mr. Suh Dae Won, Executive Director of the Korean Committee for UNICEF (KCU). “In this respect, I believe it is timely and appropriate for the KCU and SM Entertainment to launch a project for children in Vietnam this year.”

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