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Start-ups promoted at seminars

Released at: 11:51, 30/04/2015

Start-ups promoted at seminars

Organizations work to guide youngsters towards the entrepreneurial life.

by Son Ho

Over the last two years a number of organizations in Vietnam have been pushing career orientation activities in order to create a pool of talented human resources for the country. Many new graduates have little working experience and lack a realistic understanding of their career path, which these activities hope to address.

“It is easier to start up a business in Vietnam than in other countries,” Mr. Phan Quoc Viet, founder of the Tam Viet Group, told the “We talk about entrepreneurship” seminar held by Rising Young Social Entrepreneurs (RYSE) last week. “The reason for this is that there are few entrepreneurs in Vietnam, so it is easier to become a successful start up.”

Unlike Western countries, in Vietnam and other Asian countries parents still hold stereotypical thoughts about careers. They usually force their children to take the path they want, not the path their children want, which later causes confusion and crisis for Vietnamese graduates when beginning their careers.

By holding seminars the organizations hope to guide youngsters towards a suitable career path. “Never before have young people been so involved in entrepreneurship, with many ideas and a desire to make those ideas come to life,” said Nguyen Minh Kien, Chief Organizer at RYSE of “We talk about entrepreneurship”. “Lack of knowledge and insufficient preparation can kill those dreams, which drove us to start the program.”

There are currently many organizations holding periodical discussions on careers, like RYSE as well as international-based organizations. Major companies also sponsor these organizations in their efforts.

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