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Steel girder crashes to ground in Hanoi railway project

Released at: 08:47, 12/05/2015

Steel girder crashes to ground in Hanoi railway project

Construction of station on Nhon - Hanoi line temporarily suspended after accident.

by Son Ho

The Hanoi Metropolitan Railway Management Board has requested POSCO, the investor of the Hanoi metropolitan railway project, to temporarily cease construction at the station on Ho Tung Mau Street on the Nhon - Hanoi line after an accident at the site on Sunday evening. A nine-meter long steel girder weighing 630 kg came loose from a crane and crashed to the ground during construction. There were no fatalities.

Witnesses at the scene said that when the crane was lifting the steel girder it suddenly fell, blocking the road. Workers quickly re-tied the girder to the crane’s cables and moved it back into the construction site.

Mr. Le Huy Hoang, Deputy Manager of the Hanoi Metropolitan Railway Management Board, said the accident occurred because procedures had not been thoroughly checked. The Management Board has assigned a supervision consultant to check the site before allowing POSCO to continue the project. “Occupational safety must be closely followed in all aspects of the project,” Mr. Hoang said. “All the vehicles going into and out of the construction site along with all construction activities must be closely monitored.”

The Nhon - Hanoi line is the largest in Hanoi, 12.5 km in length with 9.6 km aboveground with eleven stations and 2.9 km underground with four stations. Total investment is $873.95 million. Trains on the line will be able to travel at 80 km/h.

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