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Summer camp to help kids discover their hidden potential

Released at: 07:12, 27/05/2018

Summer camp to help kids discover their hidden potential

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"A Creative Summer - A Soul Summer Arts Experience" to be held from July 2 to 20 at the Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy in HCMC.

by Khanh Chi

Sir Ken Robinson, a creative education expert, once deliberated on “why dancing is as important as maths” and concluded that “one of the roles of education is to awaken and develop the powers of creativity and therefore dance is as important as maths.” This is part of the reason why “A Creative Summer - A Soul Summer Arts Experience” has been introduced at the Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy (SMPAA) in Ho Chi Minh City.

The final examinations have come to an end and it’s time for parents to plan what their children should do during the summer, so that they can learn new and exciting things besides their academic studies. This summer there is one more option for parents looking for the best for their children: A Creative Summer - A Soul Arts Experience at SMPAA.

The program is for students aged 8 to 16 and runs from July 2 to 20. It not only brings enjoyment to students through music and performing arts but also helps them enhance their creativity and critical thinking and discover their hidden potential.

“All kids have tremendous talent and we squander them,” Sir Ken said in a well-known speech, adding that he believes creativity is just as important as literacy and that both should be treated equally.

The Creative Summer program at SMPAA is an opportunity to rekindle the artistic potential of each student, from young people who have never studied music to those who have tried vocal, dance or instruments. In their three weeks of summer camp, children will enjoy learning a variety of dance (hip-hop, modern jazz, dance fitness), music and instruments (drums, guitar, piano), and get the chance to produce their music in a well-equipped recording studio. From there, they can discover their artistic and musical potential for future longer-term development.

Students will also get to experience Orff instruments, which are quite unique. With over eight different instruments, the Orff package offers students a rich experience in a variety of patterns and materials, from the sound of wood to metal and how this sounds on instruments of different sizes.

Through chosen exercises under the guidance of internationally-qualified teachers, students will have many exciting lessons to express themselves as well as to make new friends. The interactive and dynamic environment with international experts and Vietnamese teaching assistants also creates opportunities for students to improve their English skills.

There will be talented local and international artists taking the lead and teaching in the program. With the participation of two top performers and teachers - Rachel Sterrenberg and Alize Rozsnyai from the leading music institute in the world, The Curtis Institute of Music - the summer program promises to bring the world to Vietnam, so that students can experience international standards in music education. Two young, well-known Vietnamese artists will also share their journey of discovering their creativity and pursuing their passion.

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