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Ta Hien Street closure unlikely

Released at: 14:18, 13/04/2015

Ta Hien Street closure unlikely

Rumors of Ta Hien Street's demise appear to have been greatly exaggerated.

by Son Ho

Rumors regarding the closing of beer drinking areas on Ta Hien Street, a popular meeting spot for young foreigners, appear to be unfounded.

The Ward People's Committee has confirmed that they have not received any information about this.

Mr. Hoang Quoc Hung, Vice President of Hang Buom Ward, believed that people have misunderstood the new law on selling alcoholic beverages. He said that the closing of watering holes on Ta Hien Street is unlikely to happen.

Recently, the government passed a new law on the selling of alcohol. Accordingly, selling beer and wine from 10pm to 6am is prohibited at places prescribed by the government, a measure being taken to prevent the abuse of alcohol.

Accordingly, the drinking areas should only be limited to a certain degree. Mr. Hung believed that if there is any restriction, it will only be within a certain timeframe such as from 10pm to 6am, and will probably not involve closing.

In the eyes of Hanoi's people Ta Hien Street, the 100 meter long stretch connecting Hang Bac Street and Hang Buom Street, has long been a well-known and popular place to hang out around the Old Quarter. Unlike bars and pubs, Ta Hien Street does not come with any pretence of class; people can come and enjoy the atmosphere while wearing comfortable shirts and shorts without the need to dress up. From around 8-11:30pm every day, many foreigners and young people gather making it a lively scene.

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