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Too few brides in Vietnam

Released at: 13:45, 25/09/2015

Too few brides in Vietnam

Potential grooms will outnumber brides by 4 million in 2050 according to the General Office for Population Family Planning.

by Son Ho

Vietnam will have 4 million more men seeking marriage than women by 2050, the General Office for Population Family Planning told a recent Workshop on Gender Imbalance at Birth in Da Nang.

According to the Office’s report a gender imbalance is found in both cities and the countryside. It is at its largest in the Red River Delta and been constantly increasing over the last few years.

A survey of family planning movements in 2011 showed a likelihood of a gender imbalance happening in the first birth and the ratio being highest starting from the third birth. The ratio is higher for families of educated people with good economic conditions.

Vietnamese still prefer to have a son rather than daughter. Nowadays, with technology and other knowledge being shared, some parents try their best to select the gender of their child, in diet and other activities. Such methods, though, are entirely non-scientific and largely based on myth.

Previous research put the gender imbalance at between 2.3 and 4.3 million from now to 2050.

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