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Unsafe cranes removed from Hanoi construction sites

Released at: 11:36, 23/05/2015

Unsafe cranes removed from Hanoi construction sites

Recent inspections follow fatalities and injuries caused by cranes toppling over or losing their loads.

by Gia Bao

Authorities in Hanoi have demanded the removal of 16 cranes at construction sites that were found to be operating in a dangerous manner and violating safety standards.

The demand was jointly issued by the city’s Department of Construction and its Department of Labor, War Invalids, and Social Affairs at a meeting following joint inspections of cranes at the many construction sites around the capital.

Sixteen cranes were indentified as presenting a danger to people and vehicles under or near them. Local authorities also imposed penalties on the construction site contractors.

According to figures from the inspection team there are thousands of cranes operating at construction sites around Hanoi. Seventy per cent of them often extend out over sidewalks and roads, creating a hazard for people and vehicles nearby.

If all these cranes were to be removed, however, progress at many construction projects would be seriously affected. The two departments therefore agreed that these cranes would only be permitted to operate between 10pm and 5am.

Local authorities also directed that warning signs and guards be placed at the construction sites when these cranes are in use.

The inspections were conducted after a number of cranes in Hanoi toppled over or dropped their loads recently. Several people have been killed and many others injured, sparking government and public concern.

The latest incident was on May 12, when a crane at a railway station construction site in Cau Giay district toppled over, coming to rest on two nearby houses. The crane’s cables also struck a motorbike being driven by woman who was eight months pregnant.

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