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Vietnam at 116 in Human Development Index

Released at: 18:49, 06/02/2016

Vietnam at 116 in Human Development Index

Country improves five places against previous year's report.

by Minh Tuyet

Vietnam ranked 116 out of 188 countries in the Human Development Index (HDI) for 2014, according to the Human Development Report 2015 released on February 5 by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Vietnam’s ranking in 2013 was 121st.

The human development indices are based on four pillars: HDI, Inequality-adjusted HDI, Gender Development Index, and the Gender Inequality Index.

Vietnam’s HDI, Inequality-adjusted HDI, and Gender Inequality Index in 2014 were 0.666, 0.549, 0.308, respectively. The Gender Development Index was not available.

Vietnam had the same HDI ranking as El Salvador and South Africa. El Salvador’s HDI, Inequality-adjusted HDI, Gender Development Index and Gender Inequality Index were 0.666, 0.488, 0.965, and 0.427, respectively, while South Africa’s were 0.666, 0.428, 0.948, and 0.407.

Vietnamese experts at the conference held to release the report questioned how Vietnam could have the same HDI ranking as South Africa, as the latter is said to have better economic development.

Dr. Richard Marshall, Policy Advisor of the UNDP in Vietnam, explained that the HDI is based on many factors, including income, but the income of each country doesn’t reflect its capacity to manage money for development targets.  

There are four groups in the human development indices: high development, high human development, medium human development, and low human development.

There were 49 countries in the high development group, of which Norway was the leader with an HDI of 0.944. In the group of high human development, which had 56 countries, Belarus and the Russian Federation led the way with an HDI of 0.789.

Vietnam was in the group of medium human development with other 38 countries, in which Botswana was top with an HDI of 0.698. The low human development group had 44 countries, with Niger at the bottom with an HDI of 0.348.

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