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Visa & CCVSA wrap up 2019 Pratical Money Skills program

Released at: 14:02, 12/09/2019

Visa & CCVSA wrap up 2019 Pratical Money Skills program

Photo: Visa

Grand finale of annual contest held on September 10 in Hanoi.

by Khanh Chi

The Central Committee of Vietnam Students’ Association (CCVSA) and Visa held the grand finale of their 2019 “Practical Money Skills” program at Hanoi University on September 10, concluding a program in which five teams of students from around the country developed plans to help promote financial literacy among their peers.

Team MTU (Mien Tay Universities) from the Mien Tay Construction University and Vinh Long University of Technology Education was awarded the grand prize of a Visa prepaid card loaded with VND20 million ($860) for its campaign “MTU - 15 Days of Saving”, which impressed judges with its creativity, reach, and clarity in conveying a strong financial education message.

“After eight years of cooperating with Visa in this program, we continue to be impressed by the creativity and hard work of students in Vietnam, no matter whether they’re in one of the major metropolitan centers or in a rural province,” said Mr. Nguyen Minh Triet, Permanent Vice President of CCVSA.

“The scale of the program has been expanded from the two major metropolitan centers to nationwide, creating an opportunity for students to explore, experience, and practice financial management knowledge and skills for themselves and their communities. We hope to continue our partnership with Visa to organize more financial and startup opportunities for students.”

“At Visa, we’ve been running financial literacy programs around the world for over two decades now, so this is a core part of our operational strategy,” said Ms. Dang Tuyet Dung, Country Manager for Visa Vietnam and Laos. “Financial literacy and building financial management skills for individuals in the community plays a crucial and positive role for families and the development of a modern society.”

“Students are dynamic, smart and undoubtedly the pioneering generation to initiate and spread such values to each family and the community as a whole. Therefore, seeing so many students engaging with the topic of this program is incredibly gratifying for me, and for all of us at Visa.”

For this year’s Practical Money Skills program - the eighth annual instalment of the program - teams of up to three students worked to address the issue of “Chay tui” (literally, “wallet on fire”, similar to the English phrase “money burns a hole in my pocket”). This included sub-themes such as security when shopping online, being careful with contracts, and managing credit to avoid unsustainable debt. Students were given free rein to develop their plans and could incorporate any suitable activities, games, or media they felt would help to educate their peers about financial literacy.

Since kicking off in April of this year, the program saw roughly 1,300 submissions from 4,000 students nationwide, coming from 73 universities in 23 cities and provinces. Seven finalist teams were chosen to implement their programs between July and August and were given funding to help them realize their plans. The five teams with the best results were chosen to attend the grand finale.

In addition to those directly involved in the program, the program’s educational materials (both physical and digital) reached over 35,000 people in Vietnam via social networks, while over 1,000 students got involved with initiatives organized by the teams in round two, including holding workshops, debates, and competitions, with one team even running a radio program in their university dorm.

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