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Women-friendly workplace policies encouraged

Released at: 15:03, 05/10/2015

Women-friendly workplace policies encouraged

MoLISA announces changes to working hours for new mothers and calls on enterprises to do more.

by Son Ho

Women with a child under one year of age will be able to work one hour less each and not lose salary, the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs has announced.

Under Government Decree No. 85/2015/ND-CP, effective from November 15, 2015, enterprises, in return, will be subject to lower corporate income taxes, with spending on women-friendly measures becoming deductible.

Employers are also encouraged to put conditions in place to help women with children older than one year of age, for example in regards to breastfeeding or storing milk. Local authorities will be responsible for directing and implementing the construction of kindergartens at places with many women employees.

In January the social insurance law for men with wives giving birth was amended. They were given five days off if their wife gave birth naturally, seven days if it was a cesarean section or a birth with a term of less than 32 weeks, and ten days if twins were born. For triplets or more, every additional child results in three more days off.

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