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Workers fall ill at Amata IP

Released at: 18:34, 27/05/2015

Workers fall ill at Amata IP

Ten workers from ASIA Garment Manufacturer admitted to hospital after possible gas leak.

by Son Ho

The Dong Nai General Hospital admitted ten workers yesterday afternoon from ASIA Garment Manufacturer at the Amata Industrial Park in Bien Hoa city presenting symptoms of gas poisoning, including nausea, shortness of breath, and chest pains. Two people were in a serious condition and required emergency treatment.

On the previous day 95 workers, including the ten admitted to hospital yesterday, were exhibiting similar symptoms, reporting a strong ammonia smell before becoming ill and, in some cases, collapsing and having convulsions. According to the workers, even after the ammonia smell had dissipated they still felt dizzy and, after having dinner, some fainted. 

“Ammonia hasn’t been confirmed as the cause of the sicknesses as final test results are still to come,” said Mr. Huynh Minh Hoan, Director of the Dong Nai Department of Health. “It could be because of other factors.” Monday’s incidents is claimed to have been caused by leaking gas from the refrigeration system at the Amanda Foods Company, which is located next door to ASIA Garment Manufacturer.

Leaders in the southern province visited the hospital and provincial authorities requested the company evacuate its 800 workers from the factory.

ASIA Garment Manufacturer is willing to pay for the workers’ hospital fees and their salary as they recover. The company is now working with authorities and neighboring companies at the industrial park to resolve the issue and prevent any reoccurrences in the future.

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