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Ban on same sex marriage removed

Released at: 16:06, 04/01/2015

Ban on same sex marriage removed

2014 Marriage & Familly Law removes ban but same sex marriage still not permitted.

by Minh Tuyet

From January 1 the 2014 Marriage & Familly Law will replace the 2000 Marriage & Family Law.

The prohibition on same sex marriage, regulated in Term 5 of Article 10 of the 2000 Law, has now been removed, but such marriages are still not specifically permitted under the Law.

The removal comes about after a successful change in community opinion over the years, according to the Institute for Studies of Society, Economics and Environment (Isee). By removing the prohibition, lawmakers indicate they have a positive outlook towards marriage rights and equal rights for homosexual, Isee said.

Although Term 5 of Article 10 has been removed, Article 8 of the 2014 Law says that the State does not approve of same sex marriage. Same sex marriage has not been legalized in Vietnam, Isee explained.

While it does allow same sex couples to hold a wedding ceremony, their marital status is in no way protected by law, Isee pointed out.

Actually, there is no difference in validity under the changes relating to same sex marriage in the 2014 Marriage & Family Law. Nonetheless, it now isn’t specifically banned by law and could possibly be specifically permitted at a later date. The change provides us with hope for further improvement in the future.

Institute for Studies of Society, Economics and Environment

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