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Concerns of corruption documented

Released at: 20:56, 14/04/2015

Concerns of corruption documented

Figures released on administrative satisfaction show that corruption is a major public concern.

by Minh Tuyet

A report of Vietnam Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI) 2014 has been published today.

After surveying over 13,500 Vietnamese citizens in 2014, the overall development context pointed out that over 60 per cent of people felt that the household economic situation had improved in the past five years and 65 per cent felt that they would be better off in five years. 70 per cent felt their current economic situation was normal.

"This does not translate into high satisfaction with local governance," PAPI report assessed.

Corruption in the public sector was the most important area of investigation. 24 per cent of citizens had to pay an informal charge for land rights certificates. About 12 per cent had to pay a bribe for hospital services, whereas about 30 respondents said that they had to pay a bribe to a primary school. These numbers have all increased since 2012. up from 17, 10 and 12 respectively.

There are six indicators in PAPI including participation at local levels, transparency, vertical accountability, control of corruption, public administrative procedures and public service delivery.
It showed that participation at local level remains limited. Among four indicators such as civic knowledge, opportunities for participation, quality of village elections and voluntary contributions, significantly, elections of local authorities were said to not seem competitive.

Regarding transparency, at national level, the northern and central provinces were more highly evaluated in transparency performances than in southern provinces. The 2014 PAPI report showed that the amount of citizens knowing about the publication of poor household lists was stable for two years at 59 per cent. However, 36 per cent believed that truly poor households were not included on the list.

In term of vertical accountability, the northern central provinces are among the top performers.

"No province comes close to the perfect score," according to the report. Equity in public employment also remained difficult to achieve, it said. For example, in Hà Giang province, citizens believed that personal relationships were said to be crucial when applying for state employment.

About public administrative procedure indicators, it said there has been little improvement over the years. Among four main administrative services (public certification, application procedures for construction permits, application procedures for land use right certificates and application procedures for personal documents at commune level), the first one had the highest satisfaction rate.

Lastly, public service delivery showed better performance, the PAPI report said.

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