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Free wi-fi unsafe

Released at: 10:56, 05/12/2014

Free wi-fi unsafe

Study on free wi-fi shows users at risk when entering personal information.

by Huyen Thanh

Free wi-fi offered in cities around Vietnam is unsafe, according to recent research on security conducted by the Bkav Network Security Company, a member of the Bkav Technology Group.

The study was conducted from August to November in cities with free wi-fi, such as Da Nang, Hai Phong, Hoi An, and Ha Long, and found that users could have sensitive information stolen, including personal accounts, passwords, and credit card information. Bkav experts also pointed out that users face three main forms of attack: eavesdropping attack (Man-in-the-Middle), phishing attacks, and wi-fi spoofing attacks (SSID Spoofing).

Mr. Do Dac Khanh, leader of the research team, said: “The risks stem from the free wi-fi system being limited to security control measures that are convenient and easy to use, and the fact that users change frequently. Users, therefore, should not access services that require entering personal information, such as email and social networking, or conduct online transactions while connected to a free wi-fi network.”

To be safe, users should use virtual private networking (VPN) to secure information exchanges, install anti-virus software, and turn on firewalls for comprehensive protection.

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