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Fruit and vegetable exports rise substantially

Released at: 08:49, 22/04/2015

Fruit and vegetable exports rise substantially

Fruit and vegetables expected to have the most export potential in the future given rising demand.

by Tue Lam

While the export value of many agricultural products fell in the first quarter that of fruit and vegetables grew significantly, even doubling or tripling the figure in the same period of last year.

According to the Southern Horticultural Research Institute Vietnam (SOFRI), fruit and vegetable exports in the first quarter reached $274 million, up 13 per cent against the first quarter of last year. Exports to some high-end markets increased remarkably, such as to South Korea by 100 per cent, Hong Kong by 230 per cent, and Singapore by 300 per cent.

SOFRI said that rising demand in many markets, including in US, with the country opening its market to certain Vietnamese fruit such as longan, litchi, rambutan, and dragonfruit, was behind the healthy increases and bodes well for the future of fruit and vegetable exports.

Imports of fruit and vegetables in the first quarter, meanwhile, reached only $53.3 million, down 42 per cent compared with the same period last year. The trade surplus for fruit and vegetables therefore stood at $220 million.

This year the export value of fruit and vegetables will continue to grow strongly and reach $2 billion.

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