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Hanoi CPI up slightly

Released at: 13:02, 22/11/2015

Hanoi CPI up slightly

Cuts to petrol prices fail to offset increases elsewhere.

by Bang Nam

Hanoi's CPI rose slightly in November, by 0.04 per cent, despite cuts to petrol prices on October 19 and November 3.

According to the Hanoi Statistics Department, the CPI increase was attributed to rises in water and gas prices, which pushed up the price of housing, electricity, water, fuel and building materials by 0.37 per cent compared to October.

Apparel also increased 0.11 per cent against October due to higher demand for warmer clothes and footwear as the north heads into winter.

Four groups of commodities saw slight increases over the previous month, including education, up 0.01 per cent, beverages and tobacco 0.06 per cent, pharmaceuticals and health services 0.07 per cent, and household appliances 0.08 per cent.

Several commodities posted rises between 0.11 and 0.37 per cent against October.

Meanwhile, prices in three groups of commodities went down compared to October: restaurants and food services by 0.04 per cent, transportation 0.42 per cent, and post and telecommunications 0.26 per cent.

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