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PM approves public telecoms program

Released at: 13:30, 29/07/2015

PM approves public telecoms program

Budget to come from the Public-Utility Telecommunications Services Fund.

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has approved the public telecoms program to 2020, with an expected budget of VND11 trillion ($504 million) coming from the Public-Utility Telecommunications Services Fund.

The program aims at accomplishing four main purposes. Firstly, all citizens will be supported to have free telecom services in emergencies and when looking up landline numbers. People will also be able to access broadband internet at points that provide public telecoms services.

Secondly, poor and marginally poor households that are recognized as such by authorities will be supported to use landline services and mobile phone services, with payment made at a later date. They will also be supported to access TV channels, to serve political missions.

Thirdly, when at sea, fishermen will have access to free maritime mobile phone services. The services are expected to support research and rescue efforts via the information systems of coastal stations.

Fourthly, schools, hospitals and people’s committees will be supported in accessing broadband internet at favorable fees.

The program is to provide opportunities to many people to use free telecom services, especially the poor. In doing so, national defense and improvements in knowledge will also be accelerated.

Minh Tuyet

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