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PM pushes VTC & VOV merger

Released at: 09:10, 15/04/2015

PM pushes VTC & VOV merger

Merger in best interests of both, PM says.

by Luong Nhi

The Office of the Government has sent documents to the Prime Minister regarding the merger of the Vietnam TV Corporation (VTC) and Voice of Vietnam (VOV).

The PM has asked the Ministry of Information and Communication to hand over VTC to VOV, which can consolidate its operations and put the company back on track.

The PM believes the merger will provide favorable conditions for the development of both and the move is in keeping with the strategy for planning and developing Vietnamese media by 2025.

After the merger, VTC will become the channel of the National Assembly, providing information to all Vietnamese citizens.

VTC’s leadership changed at the end of March. Mr. Dam My Nghiep replaced Mr. Nguyen Xuan Cuong as General Director, with Mr. Cuong being appointed as Vice President of the Vietnam National Institute of the Software and Digital Content Industry (NISCI).

VOV had previously been asked to manage the National Assembly Channel, which began broadcasting on January 6.

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