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Poor households to fall by 5 per cent in 2015

Released at: 09:27, 29/12/2014

Poor households to fall by 5 per cent in 2015

NA issues resolution to continue fight against poverty.

by Minh Tuyet

The National Assembly has issued Resolution No.76, targeting to cut the proportion of poor households throughout Vietnam by 5 per cent. The government will also introduce efforts to cut the number of poor provinces to less than 30 per cent.

Strategies for 2014-2015 have been set up by the government under the Resolution to attract all possible resources and accelerate policies and programs conducted to reduce poverty in the period, in particular prioritizing poor households in mountainous areas.

Reviewing poverty reduction policies and making them appropriate to the conditions facing poor households in mountainous areas, marginal poor households, and households that have recently escaped from poverty, are also stipulated in the Resolution.

Authorities are directed to compile plans for submission to the government on renewing methods to support marginal poor households, to guarantee their basic living standards and provision of social services, and these are to be inspected once implemented.

Good conditions for developing productive land and accessing credit, education and healthcare will also be provided to poor households and marginal households.

Furthermore, policies to encourage job creation for the poor, especially ethnic minorities in mountainous areas, will be introduced, in particular employment that matches their abilities and living conditions.

In 2013 there were about 1.79 million poor households in Vietnam, accounting for 7.8 per cent of all households, which was 1.8 per cent less than in 2012. The number of marginal poor household was 1.44 million, accounting 6.32 per cent of all households and falling 0.25 per cent compared with 2012.

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