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Professionals optimistic about AEC

Released at: 08:57, 31/07/2015

Professionals optimistic about AEC

VietnamWorks survey reveals Vietnamese professionals are confident they will benefit when Vietnam becomes part of the AEC later this year.

by Thu Hoang

Most Vietnamese professionals see integration into the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) as a good opportunity to develop their career, according to a survey conducted by online recruitment service VietnamWorks.

“Ninety-two of our survey respondents said Vietnam joining the AEC is a good thing for Vietnamese employees,” said Mr. Gaku Echizenya, CEO of VietnamWorks.  

Source: VietnamWorks

There were two commonly-cited benefits claimed by survey respondents about the integration, with 52 per cent believing they will have more opportunities to work with and learn from foreign experts from other ASEAN countries, and 46 per cent saying the international workplace culture will transform Vietnam’s workplace culture for the better.

Seventy per cent of those who support AEC integration think Vietnamese professionals have enough skills to compete with foreign talent.

“With these optimistic perspectives coming from a relatively young working population, I believe Vietnam’s human resources will improve tremendously once the country completes its integration into the AEC,” Mr. Echizenya said.

Among those who didn’t believe that AEC integration was a good thing, 84 per cent said the biggest setback would be that there will be more English-speaking competitors in Vietnam’s labor market.

The second most commonly-cited setback was a concern that employers may have leverage to cut salaries and benefits because there would be more jobseekers.

These perspectives reflect the fact that a small group of Vietnamese professionals are less confident about their English skills as well as their negotiation skills in terms of salary and benefits.

This lack of confidence is even more visible as 69 per cent of this group believes that Vietnamese professionals do not have enough skills to compete with foreign workers once Vietnam joins the AEC.

In terms of supply and demand, Ms. Nguyen Thi Van Anh, Managing Director of executive search firm Navigos Search, said that among the eight industries that were allowed free labor movement within the AEC Vietnam’s domestic market can only accommodate human resources demand in General Accounting and Manufacturing Engineer positions. “For Senior Engineer positions, especially in the IT industry, we still fall short of demand,” she said. 

VietnamWorks’ survey was conducted on 2,500 professionals at all job levels and from companies of all sizes in Vietnam.

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