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Restrictions on old machinery imports relaxed

Released at: 14:56, 24/08/2015

Restrictions on old machinery imports relaxed

Minister of Science and Technology announces changes to regulations on age and quality.

by Minh Tien

Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Quan announced on August 23 that a new Circular will loosen restrictions on the importation of old machinery.

Existing Circular No. 20 regulated that machinery authorized for import must not exceed five years of age and its quality must be at least 80 per cent. The Circular was passed at a time when many companies were importing outdated machinery that consumed a significant amount of energy and caused environmental pollution.

The Circular, however, was opposed by the business community, especially foreign-invested enterprises, who believed its standards were too high to meet and that procedures were vague and cumbersome.

The new Circular will extend the age of machinery to ten years instead of five years. Quality will be assessed by technical standards. If Vietnam does not have a standard for a particular type of machinery, authorities will use G7 standards as a reference point (G7 includes the US, Canada, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, France, and Italy). “With the new Circular all of the issues should be resolved,” Minister Quan said in an interview on national TV.

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