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South Korean EXPO pavillion proves popular with local enterprises

Released at: 10:09, 18/04/2015

South Korean EXPO pavillion proves popular with local enterprises

Mr. Lee Kyu Seon, General Director of KOTRA in Hanoi, talks about Vietnam Expo 2015, being held from April 15 to 18 in the capital.

by Minh Tuyet

Mr. Lee Kyu Seon

How many South Korean enterprises and Vietnamese enterprises have been in the Korean Pavilion organized by KOTRA at the Vietnam International Trade Fair (Vietnam EXPO) from 2012 to 2015? Are you happy with the number?

Since 2012 I’ve been proud to see that the number of South Korean enterprises taking part in Vietnam EXPO has risen significantly. Moreover, the number of Vietnamese enterprises taking part in the Korean exhibition has increased dramatically.

In 2012 KOTRA organized a delegation of 52 South Korean enterprises with another 23 Korean enterprises participating separately. Two hundred and fifty Vietnamese enterprises were invited to our exhibition. In 2013 KOTRA organized a delegation of 64 South Korean enterprises with 14 others attending separately, while 300 Vietnamese enterprises were invited. In 2014 we organized a delegation of 61 South Korean enterprises and ten others, and 350 Vietnamese enterprises were invited. In 2015 we have organized a delegation of 60 South Korean enterprises, including 21 participating separately, and 400 Vietnamese enterprises were invited.

The attendance reflects the positive efforts made to enhance the conditions for bilateral trade between the two countries, in particular the upcoming free trade agreement (FTA), which is expected to be signed by the end of the year. Vietnam is considered a strategic location and a market of great potential and has an attractive investment environment for South Korean investors.

The food and beverage (F&B) sector has attracted a large number of South Korean enterprises at Vietnam EXPO 2015 compared to other sectors. What are your thoughts on this?

There are more and more South Korean enterprises seeking to attend Vietnam EXPO. KOTRA has therefore thoroughly selected potential South Korean exporters as well as marketable products with tariff lines in accordance with the Vietnam - South Korea FTA. Towards that end, KOTRA has actively researched local demand among Vietnamese enterprises.

Food is considered a competitive product of South Korean enterprises at Vietnam EXPO 2015. However, according to a KOTRA survey, Vietnamese enterprises also pay attention to other sectors such as electronics, cosmetics and textiles from South Korea.

What results is KOTRA expecting from Vietnam EXPO 2015?

2015 marks the 17th consecutive time KOTRA has participated in organizing the Korean pavilion at Vietnam EXPO and South Korea has been invited as the Country of Honor to this year’s event.

I hope and believe that hundreds of business transactions will be conducted as well as various cooperative activities held between Korean and Vietnamese enterprises.

KOTRA will continually strengthen its trade and investment promotion activities by organizing three large-scale exhibitions and dozens of business match-making events this year.

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