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Tech Expo 2017 held in HCMC

Released at: 14:40, 30/08/2017

Tech Expo 2017 held in HCMC

Photo: Navigos Group

Organized by the Navigos Group on August 29, IT jobs expo attracted 37 employers and 1,500 jobseekers.

by My Van

VietnamWorks, together with TopITworks, both members of the Navigos Group, organized the largest technology career fair - Tech Expo 2017 - in Ho Chi Minh City on August 29.

With the theme “Tomorrow Land”, Tech Expo 2017 saw the participation of 37 sponsoring employers and more than 1,500 jobseekers in the IT sector. Every recruitment booth received between 100 and 200 CVs.

Compared to last year, Tech Expo 2017 was much more dynamic, with candidates being proactive in job seeking rather than just looking around. Many employers scanned profiles and arranged interviews with potential employees.

The KMS Company, one of the leading outsourcing companies in Vietnam, had more than ten recruitment staff at the expo, who received CVs and described job requirements. “Our company often misses its recruitment targets at all levels, as there is a shortage of qualified candidates,” said Ms. Phuong Le, Recruitment Manager at KMS. “Many jobseekers don’t meet our requirements in terms of professional skills, and we must give them two months of training. Young employees are still short of career orientation and engagement, which creates challenges in hiring at KMS.”

KMS has tried to shorten its interview process to two rounds and hoped to recruit potential candidates at the expo who meet its requirements and have the abilities needed to join the company as soon as possible.

There were also representatives from various Japanese companies in attendance, including those seeking candidates in Vietnam and recruitment service companies looking for candidates to work in Japan. “Due to the scarcity of Japanese speakers, we have targeted English speakers as well,” said Mr. Yoshiki Matsubara, Chief Sales Officer at Igs Asia. “Candidates will be trained in the Japanese language. Those possessing Japanese language skills will receive a salary 5 per cent higher than others. For candidates who want to work in Japan, besides specialized knowledge, they must also improve their global mindset and teamwork ability, and be passionate about studying Japanese culture.”

“How to secure a $5,000 IT Job” was the topic of a panel discussion at the expo and received much attention. Ms. Nguyen Phuong Mai, Managing Director at Navigos Search, discussed the obstacles that impact IT employees’ salaries. “IT candidates often demand benefits before contributing to the company, and this attitude leads to concerns about paying high salaries,” she said. “In addition to specialized knowledge and skills, employers also pay attention to a candidate’s attitude. Building a personal image is of overriding importance, since employers can check a candidate’s behavior, even on social platforms. Therefore, it’s important to show your personal image consistently, in reality and on online channels. Candidates must contribute to the company before demanding more benefits.”

According to Navigos Search, one recruitment process for a senior position paying $7,000 involved 15 interview rounds, included specialized knowledge, skills, personal testing, and IQ tests.

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