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US calls for next round of TPP talks

Released at: 11:32, 25/09/2015 Trans-Pacific Partnership

US calls for next round of TPP talks

Negotiations to be held in Atlanta from September 30 to October 10.

by Nguyen Quynh

The US announced on September 24 that it has called for the next round of negotiations over the TPP to be held next week to wrap up the agreement as soon as possible.

A US trade representative said that the next round for the 12 countries negotiating the TPP will be organized in Atlanta in the US from September 30 to October 10. The negotiators of Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Brunei will meet from September 26 to 29.

In July, after four days of negotiations in Hawaii at the trade ministerial level, no deal was achieved because of disagreements relating to automobiles, milk products, and pharmaceuticals.

Members of the North America Free Trade Agreement - the US, Canada and Mexico - wanted to keep the automobile localization rate at 62.5 per cent because of concerns that if it was lowered then countries strong in the manufacture of components, such as Thailand, would benefit from the TPP despite not being a signatory.

Regarding milk products, New Zealand announced it will sign a deal to expand its markets and pressure the US and Canada, seeking to export more milk products to other countries.

Regarding pharmaceuticals, the US wants to keep the exclusive time to protect next generation drugs at 12 years. Meanwhile, Australia said that the protection time should be five years and Chile wants no protection time.

The TPP is still expected to be signed by the end of this year.

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