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Vietnam pushing IPv6

Released at: 09:14, 07/05/2015

Vietnam pushing IPv6

Latest internet protocol considered the only way to develop internet infrastructure in the country.

by Son Ho

Deputy Minister of Ministry of Information and Communications Le Nam Thang has announced that Vietnam is going to push the implementation IPv6 (the most recent recent internet protocol) for mobile network. The announcement has taken place on IPv6 Vietnam Day 2015 (May 6) held by Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC). The reason for this push is IPv6 is considered the only method to develop sustainable internet infrastructure.

It is planned that 2015 is the last year in the booting phase of promoting the development of IPv6. The goals for this phase are to ensure the preparation for IPv6 for the whole internet network infrastructure and to officially offer some Ipv6-based services.

VNNIC also encourages network providers to implement IPv6 for mobile network due to the trend of using mobile network is currently blooming. It is expected that 3G and 4G LTE connection will reach 53 per cent by 2017. Vinaphone, Mobifone and Viettel have confirmed that they are ready for IPv6.

However, the are difficulties to face such as the number of mobile devices supporting IPv6 is still low. There are about only 27 per cent of them in 2014. This number is expected to rise to 59 per cent in 2019. In addition, the majority of internet applications are operating on IPv4. The number of applications supported IPv6 is less than 7 per cent according to Vinaphone.

Though the use of IPv6 started in 2014 and achieved certain results, there are still many difficulties to overcome according to Mr. Thang. In particular, the propotion of people who use IPv6 is still very low. “The lack in number of users show that most of the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in Vietnam are only ready at the sever part and have yet to reach the client part,” said Mr. Thang.

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