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Clingme app benefits all

Clingme app benefits all

06:31 | 30/4/2018

Payment app of new startup set up to ensure that customers and companies both benefit from cashback offers.

FDI attraction an evolving landscape

FDI attraction an evolving landscape

06:28 | 30/4/2018

A number of developments are likely to influence the viability of FDI into Vietnam in the years ahead.

Private sector needed in infrastructure

Private sector needed in infrastructure

08:00 | 29/4/2018

The huge cost of Vietnam's much-needed infrastructure development means the private sector must become more involved, especially foreign investors.

Vietjet holds 2018 AGM

Vietjet holds 2018 AGM

17:15 | 28/4/2018

April 26 meeting approves all matters up for vote, including on increased dividend payments, with handsome 2017 business results announced.


  • Forging ahead
    Forging ahead

    Most foreign investors have benefitted from Vietnam’s investment environment...

  • Where it’s needed
    Where it’s needed

    Vietnam has constantly struggled to attract FDI to its agriculture sector...

  • Change for the better
    Change for the better

    VET sought the views of chambers of commerce in Vietnam regarding FDI.


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