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As required

01:06 | 5/12/2014

Labor subleasing remains a new concept for many businesses though it has been officially recognized by the Government for more than a year. However,...

Healthy high tech

11:18 | 5/11/2014

Vietnam is shifting its export structure from coffee and rice to a more advanced industry: high tech, in particular electronic products. By 2020 the...

Accurate pay

09:36 | 31/10/2014

Ensuring the accuracy of their payroll is a key matter for all organizations and an area where an outsourcing vender can be of great assistance.

Precise payroll

09:21 | 20/10/2014

Many may question why outsourcing has become so popular all around the world and why many new companies see outsourcing as a means of saving time to...

Different strokes for different folks

07:00 | 24/7/2014

For most foreign companies coming to us for advice on recruitment trends in Vietnam, the most commonly asked questions relate to culture,...

Shifting priorities

03:32 | 2/7/2014

The nature of talent attraction and retention has changed over time and continues to do so.

Sharper targets

04:17 | 17/6/2014

The needs of newly-established companies require a greater focus on attracting the right people.

Human resource outsourcing

03:38 | 3/4/2014

Researching business technology can be a daunting task and finding a Human Resources Management System that meets the unique needs of your business,...

Money talks

22:27 | 10/10/2014

According to the "Employees Perception towards Employer of Choice" survey conducted on 664 employees by Talentnet in 2013, "Salary" is always in the...


  • Forging ahead
    Forging ahead

    Most foreign investors have benefitted from Vietnam’s investment environment...

  • Where it’s needed
    Where it’s needed

    Vietnam has constantly struggled to attract FDI to its agriculture sector...

  • Change for the better
    Change for the better

    VET sought the views of chambers of commerce in Vietnam regarding FDI.


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