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Major push to promote 3x3 basketball

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Major push to promote 3x3 basketball

Photo: VBF

Vietnam Basketball Federation keen to promote the development of three-a-side basketball throughout the country.

by Thanh Thanh

Vietnamese basketball has expanded immensely in recent years, becoming more and more professional and attracting a lot of attention from the community. From a sport previously ranked fifth of sixth in popularity, it is now the second most popular sport in Vietnam, after football.

Its development is evident in frequently-held professional competitions, more children and teenagers choosing it as a sport, the creation of private basketball clubs, the opening of more training facilities, and the introduction of more comprehensive and intensive talent training programs for young players.

It’s becoming clear that this is a time when young Vietnamese have many opportunities to join in international sports, and all programs and actions taken by the leaders of the Vietnam Basketball Federation (VBF) in general and its Chairman Mr. Nguyen Bao Hoang in particular all share a mission of improving physical and mental health and developing stature, height, and skills among the young.

One of the most remarkable achievements of the VBF is the promotion of 3x3 basketball, rising from 136th to 50th in the World Basketball Federation (FIBA) 3x3 rankings.

In Vietnam, the concept of 3x3 basketball is still relatively new because everyone is familiar with the five-a-side game (also known as 5x5 basketball) played at large venues in tournaments that usually last for weeks or even months.

Seizing upon the modern trend of people loving all things faster, more convenient, and time-saving, 3x3 basketball was born and has been well-received. Two teams of three create an equally compelling and exciting game as the larger version. There is no need for a large venue, as a medium-sized area with enough space for a court is sufficient.

3x3 tournaments are also affordable, with less logistics needed and the fewer players making it suitable for busy urban lifestyles.

Nguyen Hoang Bao (Henry Nguyen) is current President of the Vietnam Basketball Federation (VBF) for the 6th term from 2015. He is also a Chairman of Phoenix Holdings, an investment company focused on operations in technology, retail/consumer, fintech, sports & media. He is also the Developmental Licensee for all McDonald's restaurants in Vietnam as well as the Chairman and Publisher of Forbes in Vietnam. Henry is also a Founding Trustee of Fulbright University Vietnam (FUV) and is serving as the Chairman of the Board of Advisors for Operation Smile Vietnam.

The unique thing about 3x3 basketball is its randomness, easy coordination, and liberal personality, as there is no need to strictly follow rules like in 5x5 basketball. Street-style basketball is also common, where a group of six or eight friends is enough to form two teams. The sport is therefore becoming increasingly popular among young people.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) recently recognized 3x3 basketball as an official sport, joining 5x5 basketball. FIBA and the IOC are also implementing many programs to promote the 3x3 format in many more countries.

In Vietnam, with a determination to put the country on the world sporting map, VBF leaders have continually promoted 3x3 basketball, organizing 3x3 National Championships, U/23 3x3 Championships, and the VBF 3x3 Hanoi Satellite Tournament, while selected teams compete in the Taiwan FIBA 3x3 Challenge. National teams also play in 3x3 tournaments in Asia, such as the FIBA Asia 3x3 in China and the FIBA Asia 3x3 U/18 in Malaysia.

The VBF also regularly invites FIBA’s refereeing experts to Vietnam to hold training courses for 3x3 referees in order to improve their skills to national and international levels.

In late September, VBF Chairman Mr. Hoang was officially voted a member of the FIBA 3x3 Council at FIBA.

This is not only good news for Vietnamese basketball but also a positive and encouraging sign for national sports as a whole. In his new role, Mr. Hoang will undertake many tasks such as introducing and developing the 3x3 game in all countries and territories and organizing more 3x3 tournaments around the world. The goal is to increase the number of players and promote 3x3 basketball globally. He will also attend 3x3 basketball strategy and orientation meetings twice a year in Geneva, Switzerland, alongside key FIBA leaders.

The VBF wholeheartedly believes that many impressive things will happen to basketball in Vietnam, showcasing an exciting game with talented young players being developed and nurtured, with more and better tournaments held, the country rising in the 3x3 basketball rankings of FIBA and, most importantly, more young people as well as Vietnamese people benefitting from a professional and popular sport.

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