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Framgia changes name to Sun* Inc.

Released at: 14:02, 04/03/2019

Framgia changes name to Sun* Inc.

Photo: Sun Inc.

Japanese IT company announces new name, including subsidiary in Vietnam.

by Minh Do

The Tokyo-headquartered Framgia Inc. announced on March 4 its corporate identity changed from March 3 to Sun Asterisk JSC (Sun* Inc or Sun*) and it has adopted a new brand identity with a new logo.

Its subsidiary, Framgia in Vietnam, has also changed to Sun Asterisk Vietnam Co., Ltd from March 4. Its profile information remains unchanged.

With the new name, the company is to be a “Creative Studio” resolving social problems and actively updating trends. The logo’s meaning is that the Sun is the source that nurtures life on Earth, with the company aiming to become a powerful source that enlightens and ensures the development of new business fields and new seeding reformers. Asterisk, meanwhile, is a symbol of multiplication in many programming languages. By collaborating with different people, in different jobs, at different locations, the company resolves many problems and pioneers active updating of the situation. Moreover, the asterisk is also a symbol of the Sun, and the logo depicts the image of a bright Sun by including a sharp contrast compared to the regular asterisk.

Mr. Kobayashi Taihei, Director of Sun Inc., said the Framgia brand has become familiar since its establishment, creating a position as an offshore software development company. Aware of the big gap in development direction, the company decided to change its brand identity. “We carry the image of a ‘Creative Studio’, focusing on professionals who are passionate about finding solutions rather than the image of a software development company,” he said. “The world we are aiming for is a society in which people bring passion and ambition ‘to make society better’ and ‘make people’s lives more varied’, where they can immerse themselves in creating new values.”

The legal status of the company and the entity signing contracts remains unchanged. Contracts signed under the name “Framgia Joint Stock Company” remain in effect.

Established in 2012, Sun* is a Digital Creative Studio, available on 1,300 members in six cities and provinces in four countries. The company operates primarily in the field of Startup Studio services, software development, and digital transformation, employing the latest technologies, and IT engineer training to create new values professionally.

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